July 1, 2023

New! Commercial and Industrial Flooring Product Portfolio Expands

New! Commercial and Industrial Flooring Product Portfolio Expands

New products include plate baskets and diamond dowels

The decision to expand American Highway’s commercial and industrial flooring portfolio was easy. With the number of commercial and industrial projects across the country increasing, the sizable market is poised for growth.

Already the leader for load transfer devices, American Highway has been creating best-in-class products for nearly 50 years. It’s these decades of experience that make American Highway true experts in concrete slab load transfer.

When choosing a partner for a commercial flooring job, companies must consider many factors with each playing an important role. These include quality, lead times and accessibility, service, and the ability to consolidate purchase orders. American Highway manufactures to exacting standards, maintains the shortest possible lead times and offers a multitude of ancillary products to complete the job. All of this comes with five-star customer service.

With our customers in mind, American Highway is always seeking to expand our portfolio. After identifying a clear need in the market for a producer with American Highway's years of experience and know-how, the decision was made and production began.

Now poised to provide materials across the country, we are ready to be your partner for all your upcoming projects. You can learn more by visiting our website. Have questions? Contact Laura Lindau at 423.920.5069 or laura.lindau@americanhighway.com

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Sully-Miller Marks a Century of Building Southern California

Congratulations to Sully-Miller Contracting Co. for reaching a major milestone—100 years of California infrastructure construction that George W. Sully and Earl B. Miller began with five employees and a team of mules in 1923.

Southwest Concrete Pavement Association recently posted an article about this milestone, sharing that the company is marking the centennial event by bringing the families of all of its employees together in gatherings throughout the year. The company truly cares about its employees, as reflected in its core values. This caring culture has played an integral part in the successful growth of Sully-Miller into the prosperous company that it is today.

With expertise in roads and highways, airports, seaports, and rail and intermodal, Sully-Miller has done extensive work for Caltrans, Los Angeles World Airports, and the Port of Los Angeles. The firm continues to build Southern California’s infrastructure into the next century, including current projects on I-15 in San Bernardino County and at LAX.

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Ajax Paving's Key to Success? Solid Partnerships with Material Suppliers

Shane Whitacre, regional sales manager for American Highway, recently hit the road (Interstate-275 in Michigan, specifically) to catch up with Jason Beem, executive project manager for Ajax Paving Industries. One of Ajax’s current projects, I-275, is a massive, multi-year job that includes 14 miles of full reconstruction and more than one million square yards of cement-treated base and concrete paving. The company anticipates completion ahead of schedule thanks to the hard work and commitment of its team and partners

Jason believes cultivating solid partnerships with material suppliers is key to the company’s success. “We have to be able to bid work with the confidence that we can get the materials when we need them," he shares. "We can always count on American Highway without fail. We have worked with Shane and American Highway for years and look forward to partnering on projects that improve our communities for many years to come.”  

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Continuing Highway Resolution.

Yes, we have reasons to be excited after the President signed a continuing resolution, which authorizes the transfer funding from the general fund to keep the highway trust fund solvent until September 2021.

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